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Greater Allison Road Area Progress

9:21PM April 11, 2021

Our PeakFiber Team has been working hard to make our way through the Greater Allison Road Area! We recently completed installations on Stone Hollow Court and Lost Creek Drive, and added several new PeakFiber users!

We are currently preparing for our next set of installations for Knowlton and Milligan Roads. If you live in this area and have thought about signing-up for PeakFiber, now is the time! If you sign-up now we'll wave the usual $200 exterior installation fee and you can be connected with fiber optic internet in no time!

If you want PeakFiber to come to your area sooner than later, contact your neighbors and get them to register online! The greater the demand, the faster our PeakFiber Team will get to you!

As we continue to make our way through the Greater Allison Road Area, you can help spread the word by contacting us for yard sings or, if you are a current PeakFiber user, you can do a customer review that we will share on our Facebook Page and PeakFiber website.

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